Answers in Genesis

Answers In Genesis

Answers in Genesis provides a biblical and truthful approach to the creation of the world and subsequent events. It also exposes the fallacies of the “Theory” of evolution and helps you to intelligently discuss this topic with friends.

Summit Ministries

Summit Ministries:

Summit Ministries is a leading Christians organization in worldview thinking. They have blogs, curriculum, articles, and much more to help you think biblically about the culture around you.

Cedarville re:View


Cedarville’s president, Dr. Bill Brown, is a worldview expert and has put together a series of videos and this website to help provide information that will help you to engage your culture for Jesus Christ.

Albert Mohler

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Albert Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has his own nationwide radio program and podcast. He is also a critically acclaimed author. He gets invited to be on many secular news programs to represent the Christian perspective.