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Resting in the power of God

Published on 11/12/09

The Apostle Paul is probably one of the boldest preachers that we read about in the Bible. He gets stoned in one city and gets thrown out (Acts 14:19). They left him alone after that, only because they thought he was dead. He then moves on to a different city to continue to preach the exact same gospel that got him stoned in the last city. I Corinthians 11:25-27 talks about the intense physical torment that Paul went through all for the cause of Christ. We look to Paul as the standard of Evangelism Excellence.

If anyone had the most experience and knew the exact things to say, it was Paul.

Read I Corinthians 2:1-5

Let’s take a close look at the amazing things Paul said to win people for Christ in Corinth.

  • Not Lofty Speech
  • Not Wisdom
  • In Weakness
  • In Fear & Trembling

Maybe Paul isn’t the guy we all thought him to be. He must have done something good in order for there to be a church in Corinth. What did he do that was good?

  • Tell them about Christ and him crucified (v.2)

That’s it? Yes, that’s it.

When sharing the gospel, you MUST SHARE THE GOSPEL. It’s not in your clever illustrations that someone will trust in Christ. It’s only in the power of Christ crucified that people can be saved.

Teens, I want to encourage you, that you can become a great preacher of the gospel. All you have to do is…...drum roll please…......get out there and tell people about Christ.

Pray for Opportunities Pray for boldness in taking those opportunities Pray that you will be diminished and Christ will be exalted in what you say.