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Gender Identity Disorder?

Published on 05/21/09

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A Nebraska couple has decided to let their 8-year-old son live as a girl, The Associated Press reported. They say he has wanted to be a girl since age 4.

Ellie Hites, an Omaha therapist, suggested it’s healthier to live as one’s chosen gender.

But Jeff Johnston, research analyst at Focus on the Family, said the parents are being steered in the wrong direction.

“They have bought into the delusion that this young boy is a ‘girl trapped in a boy’s body, " he said. "Boys are designed to grow into their true, masculine identity. When something derails that process, they need help and guidance to embrace their God-given masculinity."

Johnston also said 8 years old is much too young to make a decision to reject one’s biological sex.

“Many boys who are troubled with gender-identity disorder grow out of it,” he said. “Good parental, pastoral and therapeutic support can help.”

The Nebraska boy recently completed second grade at a Catholic school. He will be enrolled in public school next year — as a “girl.”

There are a few things wrong with this article, but let’s start with this picture of the parents letting their boy grow up as a girl.
  • First question, can you change your gender?
    • No. It is not possible for you as an XX chromosome boy can become an XY chromosome girl. You can have surgeries and grow up thinking that you are of a different gender, but it will not change that God has created you as a boy or a girl.
  • Second question, why would parents let their child grow us as a different gender?
    • This answer is complex. On the one hand you see that the child, even at this early age, running the home. Whatever the child wants the child gets. At age 8 this is especially not a good thing. What happens when your child (8 ys old) wants to stay up til 2am drinking soda and eating pixie sticks all night long? Parents have to draw the line somewhere saying, “I know what is best for my child. My 8 year old doesn’t always know what is best for him.” So where is that line? For unbelievers, unfortunately that line is wherever is acceptable by the culture. Allowing your boy to grow up as a girl would be unheard of even 5-10 years ago. As homosexuality thrives in our culture, so does gender blending.
What does God have to say?
  • Reading Lev. 20:13 we see that it is detestable for a man to lie with a man the way he would lie with a woman. Why is that detestable? Because God created for a man to be with a women and vice versa. Even IF the sole purpose of women is to bear children (Gen 1:22), that would still make women different than men. If there are no gender differences then our culture has a different idea of gender than God does. Therefore if parents allow their boy to grow up thinking he’s a girl, he will never be able to fulfill his role as male/husband/leader or even female/wife/helper/bearer of children.

Say that you (being an avid hunter) receive a nicely wrapped gift from your parents. It’s the nicest 12 gauge shotgun you have ever seen. You take the shotgun and you wrap it up in different wrapping paper and tell your parents, “Thanks for the nerf gun.” Now would your parents let you play with that 12 gauge in the house because YOU think it’s a nerf gun? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! What these parents are doing is allowing the child to choose to think whatever he wants to think no matter how crazy it sounds…a common horrible parenting phrase will then be used…”we just want him to be happy” Yikes.

In part two we will take a look at the response from Focus on the Family. Stay tuned…