Youth Empowerment Support

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Human Health and Medical Emergency

Published by Yusra

Our youth team encompasses numerous activities to support people’s health and basic needs. The team oversees the Somali refugee community members and provides crucial services to support the vulnerable.

We support cases such as accidents, uncontrolled diabectic patients, high blood pressure, and most commonly lately pregnant mothers who can’t support themselves in the delivery process and also after delivery due to financial constraints.

Above all, Youth Empowerment Team have collaborated with the Malaysia Red Cresent Society [MRCS] to vaccine the undocumented migrant workers and refugees all around Malaysia.

We first rolled out a vaccination program organized by the Malaysian Red Crescent society team and the Youth Empowerment Support Team. Over the course of four days, we vaccinated 950 people, around half of them from our Somali community.

After MRCS seeing the youth team being caring about others and ensuring their community is fully vaccinated, MRCS requested if the youth team can help rollout to other vaccination centers.